Monday, March 14, 2011

And then there were 6

All weekend we had 4 boys in this house. The boys are loving it. They love playing Wii together and reading books and playing Hot Wheels. Today after we got home from school they played upstairs for an hour straight. I was able to get Nathan's birthday party set up, watched Young and The Restless did some surfing and got dinner made.

But I'm missing Lucas. Having 4 kids means your attention is much more divided. Especially since I spent 5 hours yesterday helping the oldest do math home work. Yep that's right 5 hours. And we did another 2 hours tonight. Nathan still takes up a lots of my time. And Lucas and Shaun play so well together that I haven't really seen Lucas. Even reading books at night, the last couple of nights, one of us has been helping with math homework, the other parent reading books to Nathan and the two middle kids read books to each other.

But I can't imagine having 4 all the time and I bow down to moms who do so. I know you just do it. But you have to be a great time manager.

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