Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chapter 11

I'm not sure exactly how many crazy Emma stories there have been, but I'm sure we are probably at 10. So here is Chapter 11 of the Crazy "tails" of Emma.

Emma has had some stinky breath for the last couple of weeks. It's gone beyond the morning breath I haven't had anything to eat, to the stinky all the time. So I've been looking in her mouth to see if I can find the cause. I saw what I though may have been a sore on her gum, so I thought I'd give it a week or so to see if it would heal itself. But at the end of last week the sore became a hole and you could see what looked like the top part of her tooth through her gum's. So I called and made an appointment with our vet, for what I thought may have been an abscessed tooth.

Yesterday we take her into the vet and explain the story. She looks at Emma's tooth and does think it's something, as well as the stinky breath. She said it didn't look like a typical abscess tooth and that usually an abscessed molar drains through the sinuses and the nose. She asked if Emma chewed bones and thought maybe it could be some trauma that wasn't healing. She suggested trying some antibiotics for a week to see if that would help to heal it. I thought that was a good idea. She wanted to do a more through look in Emma mouth. She opened Emma's mouth and the first thing that came out was "what is that?". I said isn't that just part of her hard palate in her mouth. She says "no that's not normal" What we were seeing was a white thin hard piece at the top of her mouth. So I thought about it for a minute and remember about a time a month ago when we were attempting to decrease Emma's dose of her crazy medication and how she ripped up a wicker basket we had a the front door. Of course the thing in her mouth was a piece of wicker wedged between her two molars. That piece of wood was rotting and causing the stinky breath and the wood was putting a hole in her gum's .

Our vet suggested grabbing some forceps and seeing if she could remove it. She came back in with a vet tech to help hold. So the three of us held Emma and the vet grabbed the piece of wicker with her clamps and got it out. The vet tech was shocked. "Oh my god, oh my god" she kept saying. She was so surprised and didn't have a good poker face.

Luckily Emma is on the road to recovery and the stinky breath is so much better. She is still taking some antibiotics to be sure she heals properly. And the indent in her mouth where the stick was is looking better too.

Wonder what Chapter 12 will be...



Deena Marie Fusco said...

Oh boy I hAd a good laugh especially the part about her crazy medication!! Great story I can't wait to hear the next one!!... Oh Emma :)

Goofball said...

gosh, poor Emma...sometimes you'd so wish they could tell us what is bothering them