Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Monthly Newsletter: 62 and 63 months

Dear Lucas,

Things have been on the up and up with you for the last two weeks. You were sick for a whole week in the middle of January and it seemed to take a couple of weeks for you to get over it. You were very lethargic and had a fever for a week and then for the couple of weeks after that you were very emotional and we were walking on eggshells around you trying to figure out what was wrong. But it seems like you just needed some time to get over it.

The other day you read me a book. I couldn't believe it. We have been working on your reading, but you seemed to get it the last couple of days. We also read you a lot of chapter books, you really enjoy hearing a long more detailed story. You are sounding out words really well, looking at pictures to figure out what the story is and recognizing the same words throughout the book. Reading opens up a whole new world Lucas. I'm glad you have caught on quickly.

Christmas was good to you this year. It was a lego filled Christmas. You and Daddy had a great time putting together so many Lego sets. Often when I see you and Daddy playing together it makes me think of what many of my days will be like. You guys building Lego or playing video games. It's nice that you enjoy so many of the things that he does.

You continue to be a great, very nice kid. We have lots of play dates, you have friends, teachers like you. You are in gymnastics again and although you are the only boy you are loving it. You are also really enjoying crafts. We do quite a few crafts together. Sometimes they are guided and it's step one, step two. But other times it's you being creative and using tape and glue and paper to make your own things.

You are really enjoying playing out in the snow. Dad built you (and the rest of us) a great tobaggan hill. You love love to go out there and play. You and your Dad have had a great month together. You are getting into that amazing fun age where you are great to spend time with. Don't get me wrong you have always been a good kid, but now you are creative, do things yourself and your funny.

You and Nathan still get along quite well. Today was a really good day for the two of you. I think having the balance of being away for part of the day at school and then having the afternoons to play together is good. Sometimes he drives you crazy by his talking and repeating, but most of the time you make each other laugh by making funny words or saying pooh pooh.

We continue to do favorite parts every night and for your Dad and I most days our favorite parts have something to do with the time spent with you. We love you so much Lucas.

love mommy.


Goofball said...

wow he's starting to read! awesome, that's such a fun time

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Jenn for introducing your family to books. It is such an awesome way to enjoy time to yourself and together over books. It will make good students out of both boys too, you'll see.
Thank you for getting Darryl hooked on books too. I love a great book.