Monday, February 07, 2011


The last couple of weekends for us have been non descriptive. This is the part of winter I don't really like, it's the lack of things to do. Or maybe it's my lack of motivation to do things. I'm' just not crazy about the cold, so a lot of the fun things require going out in the cold. The one going out in the cold thing we've been doing is tobogganing which is just beside the house. It's great because we can come in when we are too cold.

Most of the past couple of weekends I've spent dreaming about other things. My parents and our best friends have been skiing every Sunday. It's making me dream about when my boys are old enough to ski. Skiing is such a fun family activity. I'm hoping our boys will want nothing to do with hockey and will take to skiing. I mean I'll let them do whatever makes them happy, but I'm going to encourage them more towards skiing, as I'm not that interested in going to the rink and watching them. I'd rather be in the mountains skiing with them.

The other thing I've been dreaming about lately is vacations. Darryl and I are going away for our 10 year wedding anniversary this spring and Alexis and I are going away this spring too. So I got some guide books and have let the planning begin. So far I've borrowed the Frommers and the Fodors guidebooks from the library. Darryl and I have our hotel and flight booked through Expedia, so trying to decide what we want to do when we get there. Darryl and I also love good food, so looking into the best restaurants the cities have to offer. Some of my favorite foodie websites are Chowhound and Trip Advisor. Trip Advisor is really good for any kind of trip "advising" . Alexis and I still need to book our hotels. So far my favorite website for that is Does anyone else have a really good website for booking hotels? Really this is one of my favorite parts of vacations is all the planning and anticipation. Imaging all the fun things we are going to see and eat.

But next weekend I'm planning to enjoy the moment rather then dreaming about the future

Till Tomorrow



Deena Marie Fusco said... is excellent, the only thing is you choose the star and area but you don't get to know what hotel it is. It does give you details, like pool, or resort property. My husband and I booked a hotel in ended up being the fairmont hotel mcdonald for 76$ can get some pretty good deals!

Goofball said...

I love vacation planning