Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Nathan Monthly Newsletter: Month 28

Dear Nathan,

You continue to grow up so fast.

Your speech is getting better and better. You are starting to use full sentences, which is great. Sometimes I still don't understand you, especially if I can't see what we are taking about. But your speech is getting better and better. With your increased vocabulary we are seeing how much you know. For example you know most all of your colors.

You have this beautiful smile. It is one of my favorite things in the world. You still love me so much. Which makes me so happy. When I've been away for a while and you see me. Like when I come home from work. You jump up and yell mommy mommy. You hug me and you are so happy.

You also love to make people laugh. If you do something and someone laughs at you, you'll be happy to do it again and again to keep them laughing. You know what a wonderful sound laughter is and will do most anything for it. You love to ham it up for people.

You have moved into your race car bed. Bedtime has become very fun with you. You like to turn off your own light and jump into bed. Then we talk about your favorite things and if anything made you sad. The thing that makes you sad is the same thing everyday. Lucas punches you. That is your sad thing everyday. Now it makes me laugh. I rub your back for a minute and then go.

Somedays you are going through the terrible twos, you can be whiny and hard to get along with. But most of the time you are a funny kid, who smiles at everyone and makes them smile back. A kid who wants to be just like his brother and loves his dad. A kid who makes his mommys worries and bad days disappear.

love mommy

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Goofball said...

he has a contageous smile