Friday, September 03, 2010

Fun at the Zoo

We haven't been to the zoo, since last winter. Which for us seems like ages, but as the boys get older I think the visits will be less frequent, but no matter every time we do go I really enjoy myself. "A bit of nothing" has been talking about the zoo this summer and I was itching to go, so with the staggered entry for Lucas's kindergarten he didn't have school today, so off to the zoo we went.

The meerkats. They are usually burrowed in their tunnels, but today they were out.

My favorites the giraffes.

It's amazing how the gorillas are so human. I could watch these animals for hours and hours.

Lucas and Nathan in the kangaroo.

Lucas holding a butterfly
Lucas and Nathan looking for frogs.

In the dinosaur section the roars got too loud.

A cute picture of them in front of the fish.

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Lori said...

Oh, you're so blessed to have such a lovely zoo right in town. If we had one here I'd have a season pass and visit all of the time, with or without kids. Like you Jenn, there are some animals that I could sit and watch for hours on end.

Absolutely adorable pictures!

Goofball said...

ha funny, I was with my nephew in some safari/zoo park last Saturday. We also had a blast...saw lots of the same animals as you did.