Monday, September 13, 2010

Down By the River...

Emma is doing better and better. The medication has leveled out in her system and now even when we leave and you can tell she is upset, she still won't destroy anything in the house, or howl at the moon. So I do think we have made some progress. I think going back to our regular routine has really helped too.

We have also been more consistent with getting her exercise. She is able to walk on all four legs now and I take her with me when I walk the boys to and from school. I've also been walking her more in the evenings which has been good for both of us. We've also been taking her down by the river and she has been swimming. She loves swimming and it makes her coat so soft and smooth. The river runs through Fish Creek Park.

The first couple of times we did it the boys weren't really sure. Lucas brought his DS and wanted to sit in the car. But its amazing how nature brings out the "exploring" side of kids. The boys now love to go down to the river. They look for bugs and flowers, they throw things in the river and walk the paths. It's such a great feeling that the kids would rather explore nature then play video games.

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Lori said...

Yeah, Emma! I'm so happy to hear some news about her progress. I had a feeling she would like going to and from school with the kids.

It could be years and years before the boys realize how lucky they are. Growing up in such a lovely area with nature so close by is SUCH a blessing! They may have stages when video games take precedence over a walk along the river but when they're all grown up...I would bet that their nature time will hold some of their fondest memories.

Thanks for the wonderful update!

Aunt Lori

P.S. Kiss the kidlets (that includes the big one that commutes) and all of the "furkids" for me!

Goofball said...

super picture

glad Emma is feeling better