Sunday, March 07, 2010

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Twenty Three

Dear Nathan,

In one more month you will turn two and I can't believe it. Time flies when you are having fun. And most of the time it has been a really fun time with you. You make the cutest faces, whether they are intentional like surprise faces or mad faces or unintentional like a coy face when he trying to be cute.

Your dad and I had some intense discussion about you this month. We are both finding you lack of communication to be a little frustrating. You were sick when we got home from Mexico and so we were very lenient with your sleep, which you were taking advantage of. It was hard to communicate with you to go back to the old ways your Dad and I had some disagreement on how to handle it. But we worked it out and we are back to normal when it comes to your sleep.

One thing I have noticed this month is your preferences for things. When we go swimming you want to spend lots of time in the hot tub and let me know. The other day when we were getting dressed you really wanted to wear shorts. Even though I made you put on pants, you wanted the shorts on overtop of it.

One of your favorite activities is washing the dishes with me. You love love love to play in the water. You play with the bubbles and put water in and out of containers. Usually at the end of it you are soaking and there is lots of water on the floor.

Generally you are a happy guy, you love to bop your head to the music or dance to a good beat. You smile and wave at strangers, which makes them happy. You love to play with your brother. It's still mostly copying him, but you love to be with him.

I love you so much Nathan.


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Goofball said...

almost 2?? for real? wow time flies