Thursday, March 18, 2010

Monthly Newsletter: Month Fifty Four

Dear Lucas,

As I sit here typing this you are trying to fall asleep in your bed. It's funny becuase you won't ask Daddy to sit in your room becuase you know he won't. But I am a sucker for you and your love, so hear I am sitting in your room while you tell me about the book "Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus". Luckily your repetorie of books is both chapter books and picture books again. For a while there all you wanted was chapter books. But I can see you really studying the words with picture books and saying words you recognize. It's so cool to watch you learn.

This week you finished your gymnastics course. You love love gymnastics and you are quite good at it. Your teachers also really enjoy teaching you. It is a fun way for you to get some extra exercise in the week. This week Nathan and I got to participate with you and we all had a really good time. At one point you hung from a huge bar about a foam pit. I could see the fear in your face about how high up you were, but you did awesome and dropped and was really excited about it.

Another fun part about you growing up is watching you interact with your friends. Whether it's shoot em up with Elliot or video game with Shaun or Lego with Matt, it's always fun to see you interact with other kids. Although I usually take that time to clean or get other things done, sometimes I eavesdrop on what is going on and usually I am very proud of your behaviour. The other new thing this month is your first good friend who is a girl. You often talk about your friend Brooke from preschool and the teachers commented the other day on how cute you were together.

Another thing I am so proud of with you, is what a great big brother you are. It is so great to watch you help Nathan. It makes my heart fill my chest with love when I see you helping him or you guys playing together. A couple of times this month at the zoo and at Let's Play, you were so great with helping him get through obstacles or shielding him from the big kids. You are such a excellent big brother.

This month has been a challenging one for us. And you have picked up on the stress. I found you have been a bit more emtional then usual. I hope that our money situation doesn't continue for too long and that the stress doesn't affect you too much. But maybe it will be good for you and when you do get a new toy or go to McDonalds for dinner it will be a big deal, like it is suppose to.

I love you Lucas and feel so lucky to be your mommy.

love mommy


Goofball said...

he's really growing up

Lori said...

Lucas, I'm so proud of you! I hope you had lots of fun at was always one of my favourite things, too!

Aunt Lori