Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My favorite shows usually consist of sitcoms and things that make me laugh. We love Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother. I don't really watch a lot of dramas or mystery or lawyer type shows. But one hour long show I do love is Lost. A lot of the time when I watch it I feel "lost". But often it makes me think about the "big" ideas in life, like what is the difference between good and evil or what is our purpose in life? One issue they have tackled this year is that people are part of your life no matter what path you chose. Whether your plane crashes on an island with people or you become a school teacher or a doctor, that certain people will be part of your life.

And although this is a theory I can't really test in life. I do wonder if that is really true. For example Darryl and I. There are different times in our lives where we could have met. When we were kids we were going to move to a community close to Darryl, but that didn't happen and still here we are. Or my best friend Tammy, her and I are both from Ontario. I wonder if we would have made different choices if somehow we would have still been part of each other lives.... Has this ever happened to you where you think what a small world, or that could have crossed paths with more then once?

Have you ever thought of this? Do you think it's possible?

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