Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tidbits from the day

Happy Birthday Alexis! I love having you around. The boys love having you around. Spending time with you is one of the best parts of Christmas.

I did a lot of driving today. I was on the new Stoney Trail (which i know means nothing to those of you don't live in Calgary- it's a new big road on the other side of the city) and I can't believe the urban sprawl. I know it's everywhere in Calgary, but with the hills in the north part of the city it is so well demonstrated.

I am not usually a mean person. But sometimes you have to mean to make a point.

I bought Darryl his last Christmas present at a store I love to go to.

On the way home today, the Deerfoot is closed right before my exit. (Again I know that means nothing to people who don't live in Calgary but it's a highway I take home) People were going crazy, making their own lanes, cutting other people off, playing bejeweled on their iphones (yep that was me)

If you are not listening to Ingrid Michealson, you should be.

Till Tomorrow


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