Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Twenty

Dear Nathan,

This month has continued to been an exciting one. You are talking more, playing more and getting more fun.

You have started to play more independantly. It's so cute and so nice. You'll go off to the playroom and play with the farm or the cars. It's very sweet to see you doing things all by yourself.

Your speech has been very slowly coming along. Your newest word is "dop" which means stop. It's so funny, which causes me (and others) to do things (like tickle you) to say dop. You are also getting better with other words too. When we ask you about Santa you say "ho, ho, ho". When we ask you about most farm animals you can make their noises. Moo, baa, neigh are all part of your vocabulary.

Things with Lucas have been quite good. You are getting along reallyl well. Don't get me wrong there are still times you guys fight, but it's more that you can't tell him what you want or more so, what you don't want. But usually you enjoy playing with him and copying him. You are pretty good at sharing with him (and him with you) expect when it comes to the Wii Fit. Then it's mine mine mine.

You really enjoyed gymboree. It is crazy expensive, but you love the songs and the playing. You have also really enjoyed the swimming. We do it with Lucas every other week and you really enjoy the water.

We did lots of activites this month, classes, zoo, spending time with Grandma and Pop. You are so crazy about them. You can say Pop, and do say it over and over again, but I know you are just as crazy about grandma, but just can't say her name yet.

love you baby

love mommy


Lori said...

Oh my gosh...he's getting cuter by the day! I love the pictures where he's learning something new (like with the ladybug) where his concentration is so intense. It's also great that he and Lucas are having a better time playing together. Nathan has grown up so much in just the few short months since we visited. I wish I were there to watch him firsthand.

Aunt Lori

Goofball said...

hehe "dop". I like it