Monday, December 21, 2009

Monthly Newsletter: Month Fifty Two

Dear Lucas,

Happy Birthday buddy. Things continue to be great this month. Most of the time I look at you in awe. Whether it's how big your feet are or the smart things that come out of your mouth. Mostly I can't believe I get to be your mom and how quickly this is all going by. Some cool things from this month include:

You love the countdown calendar. You love to check it in the morning and love to do the activities. Well most of the activities. I'm not sure how fond you were of the "give to others" and the "clean out your toys" activity. But most of the stuff you love doing: making cookies, watching movies, gingerbread houses.

Lucas and Nathan washing dishes. Not one of the activities.

I think you have been enjoying the snow and cold. You love to play in the snow and you love to be inside. We have been spending lots of time inside, which you also love. You definitely picked up that "homebody" gene from your dad.

You are really enjoying crafts and coloring. It is probably your favorite thing to do. We probably spend some time everyday coloring, this is fine with me because I love coloring. You love coloring pictures and love coloring things on white papers as well.

You love the iphone. You like to play the different apps/games. You are getting quite good at them as well. You hand eye co-ordination is really coming along with it.

You make friends quite easily as well. You are still shy, but will warm up to kids your own age very quickly. You make friends with kids at the pool or Kaelen, my friend Allie's son. Although I wouldn't call you outgoing, I would call you friendly.

You continue to get more brave, whether it's with swimming or sitting on Santa's lap or the fire at Japanese village, you are growing and getting bigger. And although I'm glad that the fears are not rationale, but at the same time it makes me realize how quick you are growing up.

love mommy.


Goofball said...

what a cool makes him look so grown-up :p

Mike said...

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas

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