Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Specialist Apponitment

So they called today about our eye specialist appointment for Lucas's "stye/cyst". She said it was in the future, so I was thinking July.... no November. He may have this thing until November. I'm hoping it will be gone by then. But my goodness, isn't that crazy.

Till Tomorrow



Lori said...

Oh my goodness! That sounds like Ontario wait times for knee surgery! You can always check the listings of physicians for other eye specialists to see if you can be referred to someone other than your optometrist's first choice. You can also contact the specialist's office to see if you can be put on a cancellation list. This means you might have to go on short notice (ie: they could call one morning and want you to be there 2 hours later) but the hassle may be worth cutting the wait from months to days or weeks.
Good luck!

Goofball said...

come to belgium!