Thursday, May 07, 2009

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Thirteen

Dear Nathan,

Today you turned 13 months old and everyday I see you moving from the baby stage to the "toddler" stage. You are communicating although not with alot of words, but with sylablles and grunts and pointing. You have also become good at shaking your head no, when you don't want something or someone is doing something you don't want, like Lucas taking a toy from you. You will also lay your head down on the floor and cry or throw your head back and squint your eyes with frustration. It will be nice when you can talk and be able to tell Lucas or myself what you want.

In this last month we started back at the dayhome. It is getting better as time goes on, but the first couple of weeks it was rough on all of us when dropping you off. You'd cry everytime. We've not had a couple of days of no crying, although you still don't like it when I leave. Once you are there I think you enjoy it and enjoy being around all the kids.

We spent lots of time celebrating your birthday. You loved the singing and the cake and the presents. Especially the ballon that Grandma and Pop gave you. It was a great birthday celebration and you did really enjoy it.

You love the animals. Really any animals. You get so excited when you see them. And what ever size the animal you want to get down to their level/in their face. So with little dogs or our cats, you lay down on the floor and babble at them.

Monkey see, monkey do, love doing what your brother is doing. Whether he is playing soccer and you want a ball to play with too. And his love for cars seems to have warn off on your as well. You now bhhhh bhhhh bhhh cars, which I love.

One of my favorite times of most days is when you and Lucas laugh at each other. I hope that you are really good friends with your brother as you continue to grow. Like I said you learn so much for him. Most everything he does you want to do as well. Whether it's playing with cars or riding plasma cars.

You are getting to an age where you can play by yourself with one toy for a while. You love to try to put lids on containers or play with the buttons something electronic. We have one of those wooden stackers and it is your favorite toy. It also helps with your fine motor skills as you can use your fingers to move the rings around to stack them. You also love to chase around a ball or a ballon. You can entertain yourself for a while by doing that too.

We have been enjoying the outdoors almost everyday now. It is dry outside so you can crawl around. You love the slide and for your birthday we got you a swing.

So you were loving both of those things while outside. Dad also is working on building you and Lucas a playcenter and you love being out there.

You also love being in the sandbox. When I make dinner we usally just open the door and let you go between playing inside with me or going out and playing in the sandbox. Although it has taking you some time to learn to keep the sand in the sandbox.

There are a couple of other cool things you have started doing. One of the things has to do with your eating. I am pretty lax with giving you your food in bite size peices and then letting you feed yourself. But I usually spend a moment blowing it off first. Which you now immitate. It's so cute to watch you blow off your own food.

We are at such a great point in your life. Your little personality is coming through. =) We do so much fun stuff together. I love to be around you and am glad that for a little while longer I'll be your favorite person.

love mommy


Anonymous said...

Hi family. Great newsletter and thanks for all the pictures. It's hard to believe how quickly they grow up, and these blog entries are so great for those of us far away.
Hope you have a great mother's day!
Love you all,

Adventures In Babywearing said...

So precious. And I love that chair he is sitting in with the green leaves. Is that a high chair??


Goofball said...

hehe toddlers blowing on their hot food is cute indeed :)