Monday, May 25, 2009

Monthly Newsletter- Month Forty Five

Dear Lucas,

This week you had your monthly birthday, and again I'm late with letter. I may have to find a new way to do this becuase I'm becoming forgetful. And as you are getting older things don't change as quickly with you.

We have had the adventures with your eye. You have been really great through all of it. When we have gone to the doctor I have been worried about you not wanting to co-operate, but you have been really great. I hope this continues as we go to some different doctors and that it is not just Dr. Faul who you are comfortable with.

One of my favorite times with you is when we spend time together and we are "friends". It's fun to do stuff together as a family, but I also really enjoy just spending time just the two of us. Like one of your doctors appotiements we had to get a prescription filled so we went to Starbucks for a snack while we were waiting and had fun. It was just you and me.

You started playing soccer this month and I love it almost as much as you love it. You really love it. For the first week after we played you asked if we could play every night. You even enjoy practicing during the week. We have alot of fun going and every week you continue to get better and better.

You are loving the math. You love adding. You enjoy figuring out adding on your fingers. I try to encourage it and we count things or add things in the car. We are looking at buying a new vechile and lots of vans now come with DVD players. I debate on getting one for you and Nathan, but we seem to learn alot while we are in the car driving around. Playing eye spy, looking for numbers and letters. So I think we'll stick with the computer that we can bring in the car for long car trips and not a DVD player you could watch all the time.

Well little buddy, I'm looking forward to another month of funess!

love mommy

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Lori said...

Wow...I can not believe how fast he's growing up! I'm so looking forward to seeing him again. I'd say I probably suck at soccer, but I'm not beyond joining in a backyard game when we visit...maybe he can teach me some moves?!