Friday, May 01, 2015

To Nathan on his 7th Birthday

Dear Nathan,

Happy Birthday Bub Bub! Today is your seventh birthday and I'm starting this before we head off to the Apple store to get you an ipod mini.  You've asked everyone for money, so you can save up and buy it.  You are doing really well at math and adding, so all this money has been fun for you.   You are doing well in school in general, your reading is coming along.  You read to us in English or french every night.   You were lucky this year to get the same teacher Lucas had and she is excellent. 

You continue to be cute and have great facial expressions.  You are always making us smile even if it the way you pronouce things... like Tim Portons. Your shrugs are priceless and the way you tell me something as though it's so obvious puts a smile on my face. 

You have become very sporty this year.  We did a lot of skiing this winter and you start on the easy chair and going slow and by the end of the year you were skiing on the silver chair and would ski faster then me each run.  You progressed so well this year.    We also got a new pool table and you are doing well with that too.  I think that having a big brother pushes you to do more.

We did lots of fun family stuff together while you were 6 and you were a lot of fun to do it with.  You don't need a stroller and you love to do all the same stuff as your brother.  Sometimes you are even more up to doing the adventurous stuff.

You are also a very loving, snuggly kid.  When I read books to you at night you like it when I lay down so you can snuggle in.  You also love to give kisses and get kisses.  The other night you fell asleep on my arm and I love listening to the sounds of your breathing. 

Your kid birthday was lots of fun too.  Nice to see you get along so well with your peers.  Matthew is your closest friends, but you do get along with everyone in your class.  You invited both girls and boys and everyone had a good time.  Treasure hunts and crafts and the hit was the chocolate fountain. 

I'm so enjoying the age you are at. We love spending time together and you also enjoy spending time with others.  You aren't demanding of my time like when you were young, but we have so much fun together.  We smile all the time and laugh.  I can rationalize with you and you listen and learn and laugh. 

Happy birthday to my wonderful boy.

love mom. 

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Goofball said...

congratulations to Nathan!

wow...already 7 years that your url is out of sync with your family :p. I remember when that happened. 7 years, geez