Monday, April 06, 2015

Nathan's 7 year old Questions

We did this once when he was 5

My favorite food is: watermelon
My favorite sport is: soccer
The coolest person on the earth is: The ones that I love.
When I grow up I'm going to be: Zookeeper or Scientist
My favorite color is: green
My favorite song is: Travelling Song - Avett Brothers
My favorite season is: Summer
If I could go anywhere in the world I'd go: New York
When I was little I use to: play with balls.
My favorite school subject is: Math
My best friend is: mom
My favorite snack is:  Watermelon
My favorite movie is: Guardians of the Galaxy
I'm really good at: Loving people
My favorite thing about summer is: Going outside
My favorite thing about winter is: Skiing
I love the book: Harry Potter
A food I don't like is: Onions
If I had one wish it would be: to be with my family forever
My favorite thing to do with Lucas is: Play WiiU
My favorite thing to do with Dad is: Play xbox
My favorite thing to do with Mom is: play a board game


Lori Campbell said...

Fun!! I wish I'd thought to do something like this when Mackenzie was growing up. It's special to see the items that he answered the same as last time and cute to see how some of the answers have changed.

You like some really cool stuff, Nathan...except watermelon...ewww! LOL.


Goofball said...

fun idea to repeat these questions now and then :)