Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Reflection on 2014

All in all 2014 has been another great year.  Some really fun vacations and family memories made.  I also had a chance to do some fun things work wise.

My biggest change this year was yoga.  As I said in said in the last post it has been something I have embraced whole heartily this last year.  When I look at how I'm going to spend my free time, yoga it is.  Last year if I had a couple of hours I would head out shopping, now I'm much more likely to head to the yoga studio.  My favorite thing about it is how good it makes me feel both physically and emotionally.  There is such an encouraging, family like atmosphere there.  I see my flexibility improve, but I also see my patience and gratitude improve. 

One of my favorite memories of 2014 was a trip we took for my Dad's 60th birthday at Panorama.  On the last day there we weren't sure what to do, most of the rest of party had left it was just mom, dad and our family.  We decide we would go to skiing in Panorama for the afternoon.  It was not very busy, the sun was shining, the runs were perfect.  We closed the hill that day.  

My resolutions from last year did not go great....  Here is a bit of a summary:

1. Personally and creatively I would like to take more pictures with my big camera. 

I did not do very well with this one.  It will be one I'm moving to 2015...  I explain more in the blog post tomorrow. 

2. The other part of that is blogging those big pictures more. 

See comment on #1....

3. Spend less money on clothes and more money on vacations. 

This did happen... although see comment one..... I've got a good plan for 2015

4.  I want to implement with myself and my kids is a healthy snack first. 

This went well this year.  My snack, especially in the evenings has been much better.  There are still treat for all of us, just not as frequetns.

5. Run a 10K race.

Done, check!

6. Parenting, I'd like to have more patience with my children.  Especially with Lucas.  He is a different person then I am and I find it challenging to deal with.  Not that I don't have challenges with Nathan too, but I would like to try and have more patience with both of them. 

This is getting better.  I'm getting better at recognize that Lucas has his own personality and accepting him for who he is rather then trying to change it.  

Here is the yearly video summarzing the awesomeness that was 2014!


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Lori Campbell said...

What a great synopsis of the year and I love that it ends with the boys passed out cold in the car!