Sunday, December 28, 2014

December Challenge

It's amazing how in the last year yoga has become such a big part of my life.  In September I did a yoga challenge where I went and did yoga at the studio every day for 30 days.

This month I did a yoga challenge on instagram.  It was a fun experience and caused me to try lots of different poses that I would have normally said I couldn't do, but with this I knew I just had to achieve them for a moment while Lucas got the picture.    Here is a copy of the challenge and the poses I had to do:

Day One:
Day Three

Day 24


Anonymous said...

Those are amazing poses. What a great job in achieving them all. Good to try something new and give yourself a new stretch. Well done!

Goofball said...

that is so awesome! very very cool

I try to do yoga once a week...over the last 7 years but not anymore since I was pregnant and I had a little baby. Now I'm picking it up again whenever Jan's home to take care of our little one when my class.

I love the relaxing, I love the stretching (I always feel so much taller when walking home!!). I love the mindset of observing yourself, accepting your own limits . In our class it's in fact mainly older people so it's less about flexibility and perfect poses but more about observing what a pose does to your body. I like that.