Saturday, February 22, 2014

Feburary Round UP

February was a great month for us.  We have made it a habit the last few years to go away on our winter vacation while the kids have family day and teachers conference.  It's usually a bit cheaper then March Break and by Feb we are ready for a break from the cold. 

The kids also got their report cards at the beginning of the month and both did very well.  Both got marks in the top two categories of their rating systems, so they (and we) were very happy with that.  When they do well I let them pick a place to go to dinner as a family.  This time though they both picked and activity.  Nathan chose the science center and Lucas wanted to go see the new Lego movie. 

But the highlight of the month was definitively Mexico.  Mom and Dad have some timeshares down there and they were able to coordinate it so that the whole family could go down together.  It was perfect!  It was great for us too cause different people could be on Nathan duty so Darryl and I had time to read too.   Here are some of the picture highlights:

Many of us enjoying a dinner out.  
 We enjoyed lots of Sangria at dinner time.  And mojitos as our mid afternoon drink.  Both were delicious!  Very very delicious. 
 They had a great (and huge) pool at the resort.  The boys would swim and swim and swim and swim and swim.  Which made them sleep so well at night.  But it also made their fingers turn into wrinkly old prunes. 
 We had the pleasure (again) of doing a turtle release.  It was one of the highlights of the week to let the turtles go into the ocean.  We also got to learn lots about the turtles and what Mexico is doing to help their survival/population rates. 
 Ahh the ocean.  The kids loved playing in the waves.  Not as much as swimming in the pool, but it was nice to hear the sounds of the ocean too. 

 We also enjoyed our time in Las Caletas.  It was fun to hold all the animals and go paddle boarding.  And I also really enjoyed the boat ride out there.  The kids did the zip lining too which was very fun for them. 
One of the other highlights was living with my best friend again.  It was nice to chat with her everyday whether by the pool or when shopping or hanging out with our families.  This resort in Mexico was not an all inclusive but it had a kitchen for us to make our own food.  So Mom, Karen, Tammy and I headed to Walmart to get food.  As we were there over Valentines day they had these funny shirts (see picture above).  At first we thought we should get them for our spouses.  Especially Pat who often professes his love for Tammy publicly.  But we though we should get them for each other instead!  We had a good laugh about it, but passed.  But Mom and Karen headed back a couple days later and got them for us.  Here we are modeling them.

It was a great vacation.  A couple of "big" things, but lots and lots of relaxing and soaking up the sun.
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