Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I Got My TIght Pants On: Birthday Weekend

Last weekend the whole famdamily packed up and went to Panorama for my Dad's birthday.  There are a couple of things my dad really loves, family, skiing and vacations so it was a great way to celebrate. Mom got a huge condo where we all fit in (although just barely) - and it even had a pool table.  Which the boys all loved. 
 Lucas quickly becoming a pool shark!  Which is in contrast to the real shark in the room.  For Dad's birthday he got a cover for his ski helmet that is a shark.  That also matches his Christmas present from last year with his shark neck protector. 

There were many ski runs at Panorama and many pool games and many dinners and many dips in the hot springs.  Many kids singing the Will Ferrell/Jimmy Fallon tight pants song.  Changing the words to tight boots and bright pants and poop pants (as you know how things with boys go....)

 The boys played and played and played with eachother.  We often discuss how well we all get along and the boys really love playing.

The best part in with all the laughs and the good times, was seeing my Dad and my Mom so happy.  So very happy.  Standing with my Dad at the top of Panorama looking out in the sunshine all those happy endorphins was a moment to always remember.  Watching him teach my son how to ski, seeing how happy he was that we were all getting better.   And snow shoeing with my mom and seeing a beautiful sundog in the sky.  Seeing rainbows all around as the beautiful snowflakes flew through the sky.  It was such a wonderful weekend to make memories that will last a lifetime.



Susan said...

Thanks for the wonderful recap and the pictures. It truly was a great weekend. Your dad and I are lucky to have such a great family who can all enjoy spending time together. We love you all very much.

Patrice R Genier said...

Thanks for the fantastic memories. Its a great reminder of a real good weekend. I also enjoyed the visit to "Pearl Harbor" with the narration by
Mr and Mr Shark.

Thanks to all of you for letting us be part of it.