Friday, June 29, 2012

April, May and June: What We've Been Up To

Oh Blog, how I've missed you. 

May and June have been two pretty good months. 

My best friend and I saw lots of concerts including: John K Sampson, who walked right passed us as we were going into the venue to have an early dinner.  Where I lifted my in shock that we just walked passed one of the best songwriters EVER and I didn't even think to ask to have our picture taken with him.    We also got to see Coldplay.  If you ever get a chance to see them GO FOR IT!  They are amazing live.  Even Pat, who was not a big coldplay fan loved it. 

We also did the crazy thing of driving 12 hours to Vancouver to see Tammy's very favorite chanteur, Ingrid Michaelson.  It was a great trip, even with the delay for the cow carnage, and that Vancouver were out of the playoffs that night.  But Ingrid was great and funny and seeing her live made me like her even more. 

I also got to go to Toronto for a work conference.  Some of the highlights were being on an airplane all by myself, seeing a famous x-ray person, Euclid Seeram and networking with lots of great colleagues.  I love my kids and my family, but it's a nice treat to be able to do something on my own and to put me and my career first (but only for a weekend=))

Darryl and I also celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary.  It was a nice dinner out (but don't worry I didn't wear my wedding dress to the restaurant).  I'm lucky to have such a wonderful husband, friend and partner to navigate life with.  He has been great this spring with all of my escapdes and running all over Canada.  Never once has he complained or had a problem with me.... being me. 

But I know why you are really here, it's not to hear about all the fun stuff I do, but all the fun stuff the kids are up to.  =)  Well in the spring time it's soccer season here.  So there is always quick meals, running around to find chin guards and scoring goals and kick the ball.  Unfortunately Nathans soccer got rained out a fair bit, and there was the one week he had the horrible tonsillitis.  But with Lucas playing twice a week we saw a real improvement in his skills and his abilities to get in there and be a more offensive player rather then always defensive. 

We also had a fun time at a drumming show at the Children's Festival here in Calgary.  Lucas has been doing lots of learning about instruments at school, so it was great to see all the different types of drums from around the world. There were also clowns all over and one taught me a lesson as I was texting and walking and jumped out and scared me half to death.  Pay attention Jenn!

Now we are onto summer vacation!!!  Yeah!!  "Grade One was hard in the beginning but easy at the end" Lucas Park.   And he's very true.  It was definitely one of those challenging times as a parent, but I think we made the right decision and kept with it.  He had a great teacher, which I've learned can make all the difference. 

I hope everyone else had a really nice spring as well. 

Till Next Time


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Goofball said...

Hi Jenn, great to read from you and your family again! wish you a fantastic summer