Monday, August 20, 2012

Lucas on his Seventh Birthday

Dear Lucas,

This week you turn 7 and I was reflecting on the year and what an amazing kid you are.

This year you finished grade one.  I've written about it many of times but it was a very challenging year.  You had a lot of anxiety about school and not understanding what was going on, but you picked everything up amazingly well.  You can read and speak so well in french.  And although it was a challenge to switch to french school, the good part is you can also read and speak English very well. The other day I asked you about "lundi" and you didn't understand me, I explained it to you in english and you had to correct my pronunciation to understand what I meant.  Or a couple of weeks ago we were headed to one of your friends houses and I just "Je regarde Elliot".  That made you laugh.  You said mom, what you just said was " I look Elliot".  You mean "Je vois Elliot".  What a smart cookie you are. 

Through all the tough times in grade one we made a deal that you would try it for one year and at the end of grade one, if you still really didn't like it you could go back to english school.  So it came down tot he end of the year and Tammy asked if I had talked to you about it.  I said I was nervous to, as I wasn't sure what you were going to say and I wanted you to continue in french.  But I figured we had made the deal and so I asked.  You said, yes you would like to go to english school next year and french school the year after that and english school the year after and then back to french.  You were very concerned about being fair to both kinds of school.  It was very sweet and when I explained you can't really come and go from french school, you decided to stay in french.

Six has been a really fun age for you and for us as your parents too.  You are able to try most things, you are still cautious, but seem to be more willing to try.  We took you skiing this winter and you loved it.  You also loved Phineas and Ferb this year and Pokemon.  You learned how to rollerblade and got better at skating and swimming and gymnastics and soccer.  You are much like your Dad in that you are quite good at most everything you try.  In gymnastics camp this year they asked you to be on their pre competitive team, but you like to do so many different sports you don't want to give all your time to one. You are also a really great swimmer and have had lots of practice here at the pools and in Kelowna too.

You do enjoy most things your Dad does too, you like computers and video games and have a great apptitude for them too.  But you still really enjoy music, like your mom too. 

You are also a remarkably nice kid.  When we met with your teacher later in the year (after you had adjusted and we stopped talking about that) she talked about what a helper you on.  That you had taken on that role in the classroom.  If people needed help with something you would always be there to help them.  We also saw it at gymnastics camp where you would help the younger kids.  You are also good at helping your little brother.  If he hurts himself you are always the first one to put on a comedy act to try to make him feel better. 

You are also a very funny kid.  You like to laugh and tell funny stories about yourself.  Like the time you slept walked into our room and said " Hey Folks I need a glass of water"  You really enjoying laughing and your giggle makes everyone around you laugh too. 

You are a night owl, you have trouble falling asleep quickly.  You are more prone to rolling around in bed and talking to me then really falling asleep.  Which means you also love to sleep in.  That is great this time of year when school is out and I get an hour to myself in the mornings, while you sleep and sleep.

You love to read, and if I say so myself you are pretty damn good at it.  Your favorite book is Harry Potter and now that you are seven Daddy will start to read the second one too you.  I bet Dad may be more excited about that then you as he's read the first one many many times. 

Today I came home and I was quite sad about something, all I wanted to do was hug my boys and be grateful I was your mother.  I picked you up (cause I can still do that) and you hugged me with your whole body It was so wonderful it made me start to cry.  You don't see me cry all that often so for the rest of the night, you brought me chocolate and gave me lots of hugs and tried to make sure I was feeling better but just being around you makes me feel better. 

I love you my big 7 year old!

love mommy


Susan said...
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Susan said...

Lucas is an amazing kid. He has made some big hurdles this year. He is lucky to have amazing parents who give him lots of opportunities to explore the world. He sets a good example for his brother to follow. Looking forward to the next year. Love ya Lucas !

Goofball said...

happy birthday to Lucas!

Lori Campbell said...

Wow, Lucas! You've gotten so grown up so fast!! Those are some pretty great pictures of you. I hope your next school year is off to a great start.