Sunday, April 08, 2012

To Nathan On His 4th Birthday

Dear Nathan,

Today you turn 4 years old.  At the moment you are playing MineCraft with your brother while your dad is out getting you timbits for breakfast.  We explained to you this morning that your birthday is kind of like a book we have called "yes day", where you get to pick whatever you'd like to do and we will most likely say yes.  At first you asked for pizza for breakfast (because that's what the boys in the book asked for), but when I suggested timbits you were all over it.

This year has been a pretty fun one for all of us.  3 was a really good age.  You became old enough that you didn't need naps anymore and that gave us more time to do stuff.  Your attention span is longer now too, so again that gives us more options on stuff to do.  You are happy to go to the movie theatre now and will enjoy it.  Or we can take you to a hockey game.

You also have good friends now.  Your best friends are often the older brothers of Lucas's friends, or Cameron who is your best friend at Lesley's house.   But you are able to play with kids more, especially Lucas.  You guys get along really well.  You do have times that you fight, but it's usually over pretty quick and you are back to playing with him.

 You also really love to laugh and love to make us laugh.  You love it when people laugh when you are trying to be funny.  Although not so much when you are not trying to be funny. 

All of your skills continue to get better.   You are better drawer.  You are able to identify almost all your letters down, although K and V often trip you up.  Your speech also getting better, you've improved on your Dama and it mostly comes out Grandma.   Who is also one of your favorite people.  You love it when she comes over or if you ever get to spend a special day with her. 

love you Nathan, I hope you had a great birthday.  And I love to snuggle with your, just as much as you love to snuggle with me. 

love Mom


Lori Campbell said...

4 years old! Man, oh, man...time flies! Nathan you are the most adorable little boy. You're so smily and that means we get to see your dimples a lot (which are just too cute!). LOVE IT!!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Really, I know that you must have because your Mom sure loves birthdays so I know she always makes everyone feel special on their birthday.

Let me know when your card arrives. Grrr... Canada Post is such a pain in the butt!

Love you!!!

Aunt Lori

Goofball said...

happy birthday to Nathan!

he's absolutely right: it is annoying if people laugh when you're not trying to be funny!

Love the mohawk picture and I'm impressed that he already dared to go on such a rope adventure thing. Wow