Monday, June 06, 2011


Last year for Christmas I gave Darryl two U2 tickets. Darryl has always really liked U2 and when I heard they had rescheduled a show to June 1st in Edmonton I booked tickets. One of the things about me is I often do crazy things. As I talked about before I love experiences, and sometimes do things (or say things) without taking everything into consideration. So I checked Ticketmaster and there were tickets available, so I bought Darryl two for Christmas. It was a Wednesday and we both had to take two days off work, and luckily my sister was around to take care of the kids, so it all worked out.

The concert itself was incredible. There were 65000 people there and I don’t think I’ve ever been to something that big. Bono can really sing and the Edge is an amazing guitarist. They also had a really cool stage. It is 167 feet tall and it takes 100 semis to transport it from city to city. The stage had lots of lights and effects with it. There was also an inner and outer stage to it. There are so many great U2 songs and they played a lot of them. My favorite was probably Elevation, but they played so many of the good ones. Like most Canadian concerts most people stay seated and danced in their seats, but I would stand and dance whenever there was a song I liked. Plus there was this story, which had people talking.

The other crazy part was leaving. With 65000 people trying to get out there was hordes of people trying to get on the train. It was crazy. It probably took us an hour just to get on a train.

It was a super fun experience and something I’m happy to cross of my life list.

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Goofball said...

that tour is just suberb! it saw the previous tour as well but like this one so much more. Super super

yeah I heard that hitchhiking story as well...damn we were in the Vancouver area just one day too late ;).

Did you know that stage (actually 4 sets of them) got designed & produced just outside of my hometown. I probably already told that too often :p. We used to often see the caravan of trucks drive by on our highway during the European tour.