Thursday, June 23, 2011

Soccer Time

Spring time means soccer for us.  Nathan has it on Monday and Lucas on Tuesday and Thursdays.    So we have been a busy family.  It's nice because both Lucas and Nathan play and it's really affordable.  With Nathan I've realized soccer is hard with 3 year olds.  The drills are not too bad becuase I can make them into little games, Simon Says, What time is it Mr. Wolf.  But the games are a challenge.  To try to get them to kick it the right way and then towards the goal and then stop once they are out of bounds is as much as I can handle most night (I'm the coach BTW).   Plus an hour of running around seems to be a lot for them. 

Lucas's soccer is more interesting.  The kids are more cooperative and the game is actually kind of interesting.  Still there are kids on Lucas's team who don't listen, but the have longer attention spans then on Nathan's team.  Lucas has improved over the last 10 weeks, but I'm not sure soccer is really his thing.  I wonder if he has a bit of me in him, which means he's not that competitive.  But it's been great to watch him grow and get better and better at the game.  Darryl was the coach for his team and did a great job.  He got lots of kudos after the game tonight and was asked to coach again next year, so we will have to see.  I don't have any pictures from Nathan's soccer, it was rained out the last couple of weeks, but here are some good ones from Lucas's soccer.

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Deena Marie Fusco said...

Tino would be so proud..I promise as soon as Ottavia is out of Diapers she will also be on a soccer team, with her jersey down to her ankles, and running after the ball!