Tuesday, November 09, 2010


This morning we had to put one of our cats, Tigger down. She has lost a lot of weight over the last couple of months and has had diarrhea for the last two weeks. They figure she has colon cancer and won't take anything orally to help it. So after lots of crying and talking we decide it was best for her to go up to kitty heaven.

She was a great cat, who would sleep between our pillows every night.

She loved Darryl to no end. She would come when he called her.

She purred and meowed alot.

She was also the boss of the house.

If all the animals were hungry she would be the one to eat first.

She was unique because of her orange coloring

She loved to eat, for most of her life she was a big cat.

She will be missed not only by her animal family but by her people family and all the people who loved her.

Rest in peace Tigger.



Deena Marie Fusco said...

awwww...maybe i'm just a 10 month pregnant emotional wreck but your post made me cry. What a beautiful cat, I"m sure her Tabby buddy will miss her dearly. I ahve also experienced the loss of a pet and its very sad. Only time heals xo

Lesley said...

It's so hard to lose a member of the family. Thinking of you :o)

Goofball said...

oh gosh, I get tears in my eyes. I'm so sorry to read this. Losing a pet is hard