Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November Newsletter

Hi Boys,

This month is another combined newsletter. I wonder how you will feel about these newsletter when you are grown? I hope you are able to look back and read these and see how life was and see how much I love you. This month I didn't get a letter done for Nathan so I'm going to combine them. You spend a lot of time together. You are really really good friends. The talking and the playing happens all the time. Which in turn means there is also some fighting and not getting along. But most of the time you two are the best of friends.

Nathan you are talking a lot. Sometimes you'll repeat a word over and over. Sometimes you'll repeat every phrase I say. You've started to say funny words to, like "actually". Just like Lucas does. You are still having trouble with certain constanants, but most of your speech has come a long way.

Your favourite thing lately has been airplanes. We have an airplane book that we read most nice. You love to pick up Pop at the airport and we go and watch the airplanes come in. You talk every day about going on an airplanes. Whether it's to go see Aunt Lori or Grammie or go with Auntie Karen or Grandma. You are really wanting to go on an airplane. Next year baby... next year

As for you Lucas, things are continuing on quite hunky dory. You are still loving school. It is usually your favourite part of the day. You love Mrs. McKenna, your teacher. We have been talking lots about bullying and being nice to people. Luckily you are a really nice kid in the first place so we don't have to talk about it very much.

You have been more willing to try new things. Tomorrow you are going skating, which you were not interested in last winter. And you want to try skiing this winter. You have also become more willing to eat different foods. The other day we had stomput and you ate so fast, when last time we had it you didn't like it.

You love playing with Lego. Which thrills Darryl to no end. Most days on the weekend, when Nathan goes for his nap you want to go downstairs and play Lego. You love to build ships and play with them. You are also really enjoying spending time with your friends. We organize more play dates with them and you love playing with Matt and Shaun still too.

The other night, Nathan was sick, so to help us both sleep I brought him into bed with me. Later on in the evening Lucas you woke up with a bad dream. You were both in bed with me and I was the meat in your boy sandwich. It was so peaceful to hear you both breathing. I slept great.

Well boys, may the fun continue into next month. Christmas is coming and I'm looking forward to seeing all of the joy and excitement on your face for the season.

love you both

love mommy


Lori said...

What a lovely newsletter. I can't believe how fast they're growing up. Maybe Mackenzie and I can come on an airplane to visit in the New Year when things simmer down.
Thank you for keeping those of us that are so far away up to date and for the most amazing pictures for the wallpaper on my computer!!!

Love y'all!

Goofball said...

"the meat in your boy sandwich" haha great