Monday, December 08, 2008

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Eight

Dear Nathan,

Yesterday you turned 8 months old. I'm not sure if it was because you hung out with your dad all morning or if it was a coincidence but you were practicing all of your skills. You worked on crawling and your pincher grasp.

A lot of the day you were on the floor on your belly and although you don't have your crawl perfected you are working on it. You had started about a month ago, but kind of stopped while you fought a cold and got another tooth. So now that you are feeling better, you are spending more time concentrating on some other skills. You also love to pull up, so if you get close to Daddy or me you'll grab onto our clothes and try to stand up using us.

You continue to love me so much, which is good becuase I love you so much too. Most people who smile with their teeth you are okay with, but I continue to be number one. You are also very ananamored with you Daddy and your brother. You lean alot from both of them. This month Grammy came to stay with us and you were very fond of her too. She also has a great smile. By the end of her visit she was a expert at Nathan, changing bums, finding snacks etc.

Speaking of eating and snacks you eat almost all types of food we eat. We've integrated you much faster then I remember doing with Lucas. With your eating you've quickly become part of the family and not the baby. We still cut the food up small and make sure it's bland, but we feed you whatever we are eating.

Although we have had to find new an innovative ways to get you around with my broken foot. You have enjoyed riding around with me on the plasma car. We play with things at a much shorter level. But I have missed walking around with you on my hip. Next week we'll be able to walk around again, although you may be missing the car.

With all this staying home your routine is pretty down pat. You don't even cry when I put you donw for your nap anymore. Your nap are also evolving to be a little longer, which is nice for my Lucas time. One of the blips we have encounter is a stage I really remember with Lucas is waking up about a half and hour after going down for bed and you wake up screaming bloody murder. Not cry, whimper, cry whimper, but someone is making me eat brocolli and I REALLY hate it screaming.

Tonight I was upstairs nursing you after this screaming fit to get you to go back to sleep. I am a sick so as I was feeding you my nose started to run. I sniffed a couple of times but it seemed to startle you away each time. So I stopped. Here I was with snot running down my face, so that I wouldn't distrube you while you were falling asleep. Now I call that love.

love mommy


Allie said...

Your monthly newsletters to your children are truly a precious gift and tribute to them. I can just imagine how much they are going to enjoy them when they get older.

Lori said...

I cannot get over how cute Nathan is! Those big, blue, saucer-shaped eyes and chubby cheeks are just the cutest thing ever! I love Lucas and Nathan's monthly newsletters because they're such fun to show off to all of my co-workers.