Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kindness: The Spirit of the Season

One of the things about breaking my foot is that I have seen kindness in family, friends and strangers. To me this is what the holiday season is about. Not the gluttony of gifts or the pressure to get the right things (which I avoid this year by only buying gifts for 3 people).

So thank you to everyone who helped.

Darryl you were amazing. Never once did you complain about having to take Emma out almost every day or having to bring me tea or going to get Nathan after nap time.

Mom, thanks for taking me to all my appoitments and bringing groceries or other little things we needed to get. Thanks for listening when I was going stir crazy or taking me shopping, even though you had to push me in a wheelchair.

Lynda, thanks for coming out. Your visit was the best gift for us.

To Lesley, Kim and Andrea. I am grateful to all of you. You were never required to step up but you all did. I hold you all in the highest regard. Thanks for driving me around and making sure I didn't go crazy in this house. Also thanks for providing me with some adult conversation whether through e-mail or facebooking.

To strangers, thanks for holding open doors when you saw me coming or helping load groceries.

People could run away or complain about having to help, but no one did. This is the spirit of the season we are in. And although this broken foot totally sucked it does help renew the faith in people.

Thanks to everyone


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well, that's just great !