Sunday, January 03, 2016


As I've said lots of times on the blog I enjoy resolutions.  I like making goals and trying to be a better person.  I liked last year and set different goals for each month.  Some of them I totally rocked and others.... not so much.

Here's a synopsis.

Jan: Practice piano for 15 minutes each day

This went okay... on and off for the month.  On the days where I felt like I had time, things went really well.  But on the busy days this quickly feel off the to do list.
Feb: Only check social media once per day
This one went great.  Only checked it in the evening.   That being said I didn't feel like it made a huge difference.  In conclusion I'm not too addicted to social media.  It's the thing that falls off my to do list when I'm busy. 
Mar: Meditate every day

Did pretty awesome with this one too....although I count going to yoga and sitting in peace at the start and end of class.  And most days I go to yoga, so it wasn't too hard of a resolution to keep. 
April: Eat at Home Challenge
I can't really remember this one... so my guess is it didn't go very well....
May: Ab challenge
This one started off great, but as the month went on it got too hard!
June: Yoga challenge
This month I doubled up and also did June dresses. Totally rocked out on both of them!
July: Take picture with big camera everyday
This one I did not do great on... started with high hopes but didn't follow through in the month.  Partly cause I travelled a lot and didn't bring it with me  =(
September: Blog everyday

Did awesome!  See all those posts in September. 
November: Plank Challenge

My coworkers came up with a great challenge of doing plank for 30 secs a day and then increasing by 5 seconds each day.  Again with this one started out awesome, till it got hard.  Then it was harder to follow through.  That being said I can do a 3 minute low plank.  Although I have been practicing for a long time.

It was a pretty darn good year of getting better physically.  I feel pretty darn strong.  I went on 8 trips last year! 8!  That's pretty lucky and incredible.  3 of them were work related.  And 2 to Ontario for Lori's celebrations and 3 just for fun ones!  My goal is not to top that in 2016, as that would be pretty difficult.

Now to contemplate 2016....



Lori Aitken said...

That is a very full year! You should be very proud of yourself.

Goofball said...

So I'm curious: since you set different goals each month as a way of trying to become a better person: were there challenges that you kept up with? I think it's harder to make a radical change for each day of a month and would expect that starting a new challenge the next months, makes you forget the previous one...which is a pity no? how did that work out for you?

Would it be easier or less easy to have them all incorporated throughout the year but only one or more times a week?