Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Family Resolutions

As in most couples there is usually a ying and a yang.  Darryl and I have lots things in common, (wine, food vacations, comedies) but we are also very different.  One of the ways we are different is that Darryl is a homebody and I love to be out and about.  Lucas is certainly like his father.  If I make him go out to the grocery store on his day off, he thinks its a big deal. If I ask him if he wants to come with me to run an errand or stay home, he gives me a look and then an answer that says "are you crazy, of course I want to stay home". Nathan can be kind of the fence.  He loves to be with me, but that could be because he's 4.  He also like to play with his brother and be at home.  So with my homebody boys I always am pushing us to go out and do stuff.  Generally everyone loves it and gets on board quite quickly, but I don't like feeling like a nag either.

In December Darryl and I talked about having a family resolution or plan, that one day of the weekend we would do something together as a family.  The other day we could do our own thing or stay home the whole day.  The other thing that came with it so it wasn't always me deciding is that each week someone different would pick what we would do.  We sat down at the beginning of the year and talked about it as a family, the boys were on board so we have been doing some really fun stuff.

Last weekend we went skiing, with our family and friends.  My dad was so happy.  Happier then I've seen him in a long time.  He threw kids over his shoulder, thought Nathan how to ski, helped Lucas to ski better, gave me some tips too.  Our family was so happy too.  I love the happy endorphins we all get with the sunshine and the exercise. Naskiska is a great place to take the family.  There is a really wide variety of runs, including lots of green and blue runs.  We also have really fun time there. 

This weekend we went to the Science Center and had a really fun time.  It's funny as it was Nathan's pick, but the whole time we were headed there he couldn't remember what it looked like or what we did there.  This was my second time there and I really like that place.  My favorite is making animated movies, the boys love the "play room" when they first get in and Darryl loved making the funny photos below.  Darryl is so animated in them they are hilarious!  I do find it expensive for admisson but the boys and I had a fantastic time with all the exhibits.   Here are some photos. 

We also went skating too.  It was Nathan's first time out this year and he did really well.  I'm not sure if practicing skiing has helped or just age and better coordination is it, but by the end of it he was going faster then me walking could keep up with him.  Lucas got new skates this year and wanted to try them out. Lucas had a really fun time with Darryl and his friend Chris playing hockey.   Nathan, Linda and I went home we were too cold, but the big boys stayed out and played for another hour. Winter is not my favorite season, but we have really been enjoying it this year. 

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Deena Marie Fusco said...

I find it hard to do many outdoor activities with a todfler. Looking forward to next winter when nap time doesn't take away the entire afternoon!

Goofball said...

those pictures are hilarious...you both can do a mime show!

I used to be more of a homegirl but Jan can't stay home a full day. Even on worst weather and both being drop dead tired, I think we'll at least do some grocery shopping or half an hour walk or something outside. After those years together, I find I start to pick up the same restlessness to have at least some fresh air each day and doing something active.