Wednesday, October 05, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs died today. And although I never knew him, I'm sad. It's sad that someone who was such a visionary won't be able to give us any more of his ideas. And they were such grand ideas.

My mom and dad were early adopters of Apple Computers. We have had one in my house since I can remember. We had computers before anyone else I knew. My dad loved them. They were his hobby. Darryl sent out this picture a couple of months ago and this was my Dad's response.

Well I was a little older than that when I saw the first Macintosh 
If this truly is the earliest model I believe it was 128 K 
It was a rare expensive $3500 computer that you just could not purchase 
My first "mac" was 512K It brought us years of enjoyment 
And tought us that there was greater good beyond the realm of bill gates and the pc 
And note that I did not capitalize the letters on purpose 
My favorite game was dark castle 
And the evil one was the black knight who was a bear drinking swine that threw bear steins at everyone 
I learned excel on that mac 
Sniff sniff

After about the age of 13 we had more computers in our house then people. And they were all Macs.

One of the first purschase I made when I moved away from home was my beloved purple iMac. That computer was beautiful. And it was fast and it did all the things I wanted it too. That is one of the greatest parts about Apple is all you really need to do is take it out of the box, plug it is, start it up and it works. Whether it's an iphone or a MacBook Pro

Now I spent most nights with my latest best buddy, my 13 inch macbook. This is my second one. The first one died after 4 years, lots of sticky fingers and a cup of grapefruit water split all over it. Macs are great, I've been convinced of that since I was 2. Thanks for everything Steve Jobs, you were a genius and you have helped to make my life more fulfilled and fun.

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Susan said...

Yeah it's hard to remember what life was like before Apple computers, iPods, iPhones, IPads and apple TV. These products are part of our everyday life. They keep us connected to others both near and far. I remember going to Epcot the first time and going to Future World, seeing families see and communicate with each other across the universe, I thought that it might be something that would happen hundreds of years later, but it happening now due to Steve's creativity. Apple products have enabled us to acheive goals in our lives. Helps us to express our creativity. Steve Jobs was a man with great vision ane he will be missed.

Goofball said...

that old picture is precious! wow, so iconic