Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nathan... lately

3 years old has been very fun.  We did go through a couple of weeks of the terrible 3's about a month ago.  Nathan wasn't listening and being a pain and whiny and crying.  But that lasted all of about 4 days and now he is back to his happy self.  That's one of the consisent things about Nathan is that he has always been a really happy kid.

One of the funny things in the last couple of weeks has been his imagination.  We play beach day and Lucas pretends he is Nathan's puppy.   I'm loving this stage where he is still my baby but he is so fun and sweet.

Another funny thing he is doing is that every game we play or anything he shows me is something he learned from a birthday party.    Really he's only been to maybe 3 birthday parties in his whole life.  So it's funny that every food was something he "tried at a birthday party".  Or every game he's played is one "he learned at a birthday party."   Those must be some pretty eventful birthday parties.

Here is a cute video of him from last weekend.  He's got the moves down to be a guitar player now he just needs the technical skills.

Till Next Time Jenn

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