Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Vacation 2011

This year we took a week and a half off (or at least a week and a half with Darryl)  and did a 2600km tour of BC.   We started off on a Wednesday and headed to my Oma and Opa's (which I started referring to it as the cottage).   We go there every year usually multiple times.  Even yesterday I was driving somewhere and thought, could I fit one more visit in before the end of the summer. =)  I love it there.  It's so nice becuase we have our routines, the dog can come with us and loves it.  And the kids love it too.  This year they took cues from Matthew and brought Oma and Opa's boat with us.   Lucas had a great time paddling around in it.  As usual we ate sandwiches and strawberries and chips.   It's nice to have a routine, everyone knows what happens and it's pretty much the same thing every day.  =)

After a couple of days there, we got in the car and continued to meet Lori and Mackenzie in Vancouver.   It was a great vacation.  We had fantastic weather the whole time, which makes me love Vancouver.  I love how it's so pedestrian friendly and you can tell everyone is active.  We rented a really nice condo, so we all had lots of space and there was a kitchen so we could cook some of our own meals too. 

The first day Darryl and the boys went to Capilano Suspension Bridge, for those of you who know me well I'm scared of heights, but really only in certain situations.   One of those situations would be on a bridge where you can see down.   So I stayed with Emma and walked 12km, to find Kits Beach and Davids Tea and the dog beach.    Emma loved the dog beach, although she kept drinking the water even though it tasted horrible. 

The next day we headed to the aquarium.  We put Emma in doggy day care and then headed to Stanley Park and the aquarium.  The aquarium was smaller then I remember, but still saw lots of cool stuff.   We did have one of those horrible parenting moments in the gift shop after.   One of those times when you know other people are looking at you thinking you are not a very good parent - or maybe, the other parents thinking - Oh I feel for you, I've been there too.  =)

The third day we went to Granville Island and the beach and saw the big fireworks show in the evening.  I forgot how much I enjoy swimming in the ocean.  It was quite windy so there were lots of waves.  We went back to the dog beach and did a bit of exploring with the boys.  The tide was out so we were walking around and Darryl moved one of the rocks and there were all sorts of crabs underneath it.  The boys thought it was super cool.  We also collected some nice shells from the beach too.  In the evening was a big fireworks show and it was beautiful.  I forgot how when there is a competition of fireworks how impressive they can be. 

The next day we headed up to Whistler, which was very fun.   It was one of the days that we brought the camera so I have lots of pictures from it. =)  One other fun part for me was all the Davids Tea I drank, and was able to introduce Lori and Mackenzie to something we love. 

Outside the Davids Tea in Whistler

Someday my boys and I will be back here with snow on that hill

Pretending we are skiiers!

Family Photo

Lucas and Nathan standing in the Olympic Rings

Pretending we are snowboarders.

Shannon Falls, on the way to Whistler

Mackenzie dancing on Shannon Falls.

Mackenzie and Lori at Shannon Falls. 

It was a great vacation.  It was fun for us too to see Lori and Mackenzie in Vancouver and make new and fun memories with them.

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Lori Campbell said...

It was a superb vacation! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself as much as we did!
Don't one was looking at you as being a horrible parent when that little meltdown occurred, I guarantee EVERYONE thought "Yikes! Been there, done that!" You and Darryl handled it like pro's! You're such good parents.
It was so fun to see how the boys have changed. Nathan is so hilarious with his body language and facial expressions...he had me in stitches every day! Lucas is growing up so fast...I love watching him soak in everything he sees! The world is a big classroom for Lucas and he thrives on it.
I asked Mackenzie on the way home what her favourite part of the whole trip was and I was surprised by her answer..."playing badminton outside in the strong winds with everyone participating." Sometimes, the best fun is the fun you create together, eh?!
This trip will definitely be the highlight of 2011 for me...I'm so glad we did it!


Goofball said...

I love the aquarium & the sea otters!! I love Whistler