Monday, July 25, 2011

July 2011

Long time no see.... luckily we have been having a great summer.   My favorite part so far is that in the mornings we get up when we want to not when we "have" too.  I usually wake up before the kids and exercise, then Nathan and the Lucas.  It's another way that Lucas takes after his Dad, they both like to sleep in.  We have also been keeping busy, Kelowna and the zoo and bugs and the pool in our backyard. 

Kelowna was tough this year because Lucas got sick right before we left.  He threw up on the way there, which we are thinking is a combination of the medicine and wondering if he has motion sickness.   He did have fun with his friends there, but often just watched them.   Last week we went to one of my favorite places, the zoo and walked around.  We learned lots about gorillas at the talk they did about them too. We have also been going to the waterpark they have here in our community and the bookstore and the pool.  So far it's been a great summer.

Hope your summer is going well too.



Lori Campbell said...

Our summer has been a busy mess of work and chores but we're looking forward to vacation in 3 more sleeps...CAN'T WAIT!!!

Goofball said...

great to hear from you again, it had been a while indeed.

Glad you are enjoying yourself. Isn't it great when the children hit the age they start sleeping in (...I sleep in as well).