Thursday, April 07, 2011

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: 3 years old

Dear Nathan,

On the eve of your 3rd birthday I thought I should write this letter to you.  It's been months since I've done a monthly newsletter so there will be a lot to include here.  Mostly I can't believe you are three years old already.  Time is flying.  Although I'm' really enjoying this age, I wish things would move a little slower.

First off life with you is mostly awesome.  You are smart and funny and cute.  All of those things equally.  You are so funny.   People often laugh at your funny way of say things.  We were on the c-train the other day and you were so excited about things that other people were laughing at you.  Or if we ask you something you'll often reply with a funny "sure". 

Much more cuddly then I remember Lucas being.  You love giving hugs and snuggling in bed together.  This morning Lucas jumped into bed with you to wake you up and you were so happy to wake up that way.    Or the other day we were having a video conference with Grammy and you jumped on my lap and I rubbed your back.  Not a minute after you were sounds asleep on my lap.  It was such a nice thing to have that "baby" experience again.

Your speech has taken leaps and bounds this year.  You are also getting better at playing board games and puzzles and all the things "big boys" do.   A lot of your growing is influenced by having a big brother.  You often copy his dance moves and his kung fu moves.  You also like to "read" books like Lucas does.

As your personality is coming out more and more.  I'm glad you are taking on some of my traits.  Lucas is so much like Darryl it's nice that I have a buddy to do things with.  If I am ever going out somewhere you always want to come with me.  Last week I needed to go pick up a book at the library.  I asked both you and Lucas to come.  You jumped right on the opportunity where Lucas was happy to stay home with Darryl.  And that happens most of the time.  You are my partner in crime when it comes to running the roads, and I'm so happy to have a buddy.    Also like me (and Lucas too) you love to sing along to music. Your favourite song to sing along with lately is a Paramore song "You are the only exception".   I'm lucky the two boys in my life love music as much as I do.

You are not really partial to any character.  You'll enjoy Spiderman as much as Diego and Star Wars.  I think part of that is having an older brother.  You are exposed to more then I would normally do if it was just you. Your drawing is really coming along too.  A couple of week ago I was a work and Daddy sent me a text saying "Nathan just drew a person".   He sent me the picture of it and I thought it was great.

I love you so much, my baby.  Even though you don't like it when I call you baby and you correct me and call yourself a big boy.

love mommy


Goofball said...

he looks so happy in all those pictures, it's contageous

Anonymous said...

Great tribute to that blonde boy of three. Hard to believe that 3 years have passed already. Good pictures, so I have started a new file of Nathan at 3 years old now.
Thanks for those great pictures too.
You covered his progress beautifully.
Love to all,