Friday, April 01, 2011

March Break: Part One

This week Lucas is off from school on March break.  He was a little disapointed by this as he loves going to school and loves learning.  It is amazing what a little sponge that kid is.  The other day we were talking about vowels and how each word has to have at least one vowel.  About an hour later he saw something with my name on it.  He says "Mom I know the vowel in your name.  It's 'e'. "  For the rest of the day we continued to play a game naming which vowel was in a word.  What's the vowel in the word chin? What's the vowel in the word table? (a hard one) etc.  He would get most of them by sounding the word out and know what the vowel is.  The other thing my smartie has started to do a lot of is writing sentences.  Yesterday he drew a picture that said " I love my mom and dadee"  and another one that said " "The tabl is over there"  Really I can't believe how smart that kid is. 

We have been enjoying Lucas being off from school.  Today we all slept in till 8:30!! Even though I still am working we have tried to make my days off lots of fun.  Sunday we all went bowling,which the kids both loved.
Both boys smiling when we were done in their bowling shoes.

Someone was pooped after the zoo

Our next activity was the zoo, which I always love.  And it was  really beautiful day out too.  We went with our best friends. 
The boys looking at the python

Love this photo the boys in the foreground and girafees in the background

The boys watching the prahnas.

The otters!

One of the days I worked the boys went and spent it with their good friends, who are usually in school too.
So I think all in all it's been pretty fun for them.  Not sure what's on the agenda today, but there may be a train ride involved. =)

Hope everyone else is enjoying there week.


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Goofball said...

oooooooooooooooh otters...I adore otters

so impressed with the vowels. My nephew can't do such things yet