Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Start of December

I'm traditionally known as quite the bahumbug about Christmas. I find it to be stressful and all about the gifts. I much prefer Thanksgiving, where you have the food and family and greatful-ness without the gifts. But as the boys get older I really enjoy Christmas. It's great to watch them get so excited about Santa and lights and cookies and the fun things we do. They make it magical again.

One of the fun things is the "non chocolate" advent calendar (as my sister nicknamed it) The boys do have a chocolate advent calendar but we also have an activity that we do everyday.
Sometimes it's something bigger, like skating and sometimes it's something smaller like have breakfast for dinner. It's fun to see the kids excitement over what we do each day.
They helped to put up the Christmas tree (Saturday's activity) and we loved singing one of the bedtime stories.

We have been all a bit under the weather and I have a major review at work next week, so we are all looking forward to a couple of weeks of enjoyable family time.

Till Tomorrow



Alexis said...

That last picture is sooooo cool! I'm stealing it!

Goofball said...

I looooooved the christmas time as a kid. It felt so cosy , safe and magic full of anticipation. I'm sure Lucas & Nathan are fully enjoying the activities you do with them and are building up precious memories.

I still love it but due to work I often get very late in the mood for it. In our extended family we decided 6 years ago to no longer buy each other gifts as most of us thought that was pretty stressful indeed, although I never had the feeling that X-mas was all about presents. Nevertheless now it's surely focussed on purely getting together with the family.

(we don't do Santa Clause but have Sinterklaas for the children on Dec 5/6)