Sunday, December 05, 2010

Lucas Skating

I don't really like skating. It's not my favourite winter sport. As a kid I usually spent most of my time hanging onto the edge of the boards. So when Lucas friend Elliot's grandma, who picks the boys up from school. Offered to take the boys skating once a week I was all for it. The grandma was telling us what a great job Lucas is doing, so Darryl who does like to skate took Lucas to our community centre where you can skate for free. Here's how he did:

Much better then I do on skates, and this is only his fourth time. Glad to see he picked up Darryl's gene of being good at pretty much anything he tries.

Till Tomorrow



Lori said...

Wow! He's a natural!

Great job, Lucas!!!

Aunt Lori

Anonymous said...

What a great job skating Lucas. Grammy is impressed. It is great to learn pushing a chair. Good idea. Keep up the good work Lucas. Love Grammy

Susan said...

Well done

Goofball said...

wow he turns quite smoothly. I am terrified on ice to pick up any speed. I really need a chair like that as well to give me support & confidence