Friday, April 07, 2017

To Nathan on His 9th Birthday

Dear Awesome Nathan,

Today you turn 9 years old and you have been excited about it for a while now.  Mostly since getting home from Europe, but even a bit in the few months before.  Birthdays are quite fun at this age and we don't have any of your parties until next weekend, but it's a good week of celebrating.

I usually write you and Lucas letters on your birthday although while reviewing I don't think I did it last year.  But back on the saddle again this year.  This year was a pretty good one for both you and the family.  We did our big Europe trip which you did really awesome with and then there has been swimming lessons and camps and summer time fun.   You are at an age where you are really easy to get along with and also really enjoy the company of your family.  I'm lucky that you are such a great kid.

In all of our different activities you are a pretty easy going kid.  You'll have an opinion on something, but rarely is it a sticking point for you if we don't follow your opinion.  "Sure, I'll do that' is a Nathan phrase we hear a lot.  You are quite easy to get a long with.  This means you usually have lots of friends too.

You are quite a loving, trusting and affectionate person too.  You love to give hugs and snuggle.  You are trusting that if we ask you to do something you know it's usually not beyond your capabilities. You may balk at it for a moment, but if we encourage we usually get a 'Sure I'll do that".  You are willing to try different food and be more daring that way.  It'll be interesting to see if as you continue to grow how you feel about more challenging tasks.  


Matthew continues to be your best friend, but you play with lots of other kids too.  Sometimes even by yourself, which I may be momentarily concerned about, but you are 'totally fine' with it.   The kid who probably bothers you the most is your brother, which I'm sure all little brothers would say about their big brothers.  You love him, but he can drive you crazy like no one else can.

In school you enjoy your teacher.  You like math and gym and music.  You don't love reading in French, but will do it for me most nights we read together.  You prefer to read in english, so we work on that sometimes too.

You love you tube and videogames.  Soccer is your sport of choice, but you also enjoy skiing, swimming and basketball.


 Happy 9th Birthday my love.  I'm so so glad that you are part of our lives and you make me happy and smile every. single. day.

Love Mom.


Susan said...

An amazing kid, who does really give the best hugs. My is full of joy when I think of him.

Lori Aitken said...

Nathan, even though I always get stuck thinking that you're 7, it's not because I think you're younger, it's that you've gone from 7 to 9 so fast that I just can't believe it!! You're a great kid and I love you to bits. I hope your birthday week is as awesome as you are. <3