Thursday, November 08, 2012


One of my favorite bloggers Ali, posted blog today about wild and crazy mornings.  Yesterday when I loaded my pictures in I found a whole bunch that Nathan took the other morning when I was doing my mom run, so I thought they deserved a crazy morning post too, as I'm sure most mom's with kids have crazy mornings, but I think it will be good to look back at this one day and remember how crazy things were.  Okay heres my morning routine:

6:30: My alarm goes off (which I'm not complaing about the 6:30, Darryl has already left the house at that time, so really I'm not complaining), I hit snooze
6:38 My alarm goes off again.  At this point I do a quick browse through both my home and work emails.
6:40 Out of bed, shower
6:50 Out of the shower, put in contacts
6:51 Dress, sometimes in something cool, like today, but most days in black scrubs
6:54 Comb hair, put on eyeliner and mascara, deodorant, brush teeth, moisturizer (becuase it's SO dry here)
7:01 Wake up Lucas, carry him downstairs (yes he's 7...... I know)
7:02 Get him breakfast, two packages of oatmeal and turn on a show for him, start the kettle
7:05 Get Nathan, carry him downstairs (it's not so bad, he's only 4), get him breakfast, usually one package of oatmeal
7:07 Make Lucas's lunch, usually heating something up in the microwave and finding some healthy snacks. Make myself some tea.  Make myself a lunch as well. 
7:12 Bring down clothes for Lucas and Nathan and get them both dressed. (Yes I know... don't worry everyone Darryl is much better)
7:18 Make myself a piece of toast
7:20 Make sure the boys have snowpants, mitts and everything necessary for their day. Make sure I have my lunch, ipad etc.
7:23 Get the boys to go pee and brush their teeth
7:24 Alarm goes off (piano riff), panic ensues and we get boots and coats and mitts on.  The dog also jumps around, get everyone buckled into the car
7:32 Lucas gets on the bus
7:36 Take Emma to Karens

7:50 Drop Nathan off at Lesleys, off to work.  Here are some shots of from Nathan, playing with my iphone.

How's your morning routine?



Alberta said...

I don't even want to know when you find time to pee yourself!

Hope you have a slower weekend routine to enjoy.

Anonymous said...
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