Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mexico 2012

We just got back from a relaxing and warm and fun trip to Mexico.  We took the kids to Puerta Vallarta and had a great time.  We stayed at a really nice resort, the Melia Puerta Vallarta and were lucky that no one got sick, it only rained for about an hour the whole time and we got to do some really awesome things. 

The flights were not ideal for the kids traveling, both of the flying very very late at night, but as usual they both did fantastic.  Even Lucas on our flight home was so excited that at 3am when we took off, he watched about an hour of Harry Potter, just because he was excited to be on a plane and have his own TV. 

The resort we stayed at was very nice.  They had a good big pool that wasn't too deep for the kids, but deep enough they could jump in and out.  The food was pretty good (although I always get sick of eating the same foods all week). And they had a smaller buffet table for the kids, which Lucas and Nathan really enjoyed being able to pick their own food.  They also had cereal on the the kids buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which the kids thought was great.  The resort also had lots of other things to do too, Lucas started to learn to pool and fuze-ball.

The shows that they had at the resort were spectacular, so we were sure to catch them all in the evenings.  Plus before the show they had a mini disco, which the kids really enjoyed. 

We did do a couple of little excursions, one day we went right into town, which I loved.  It's always nice to see how other people live.  In Mexico it often open your eyes to how lucky we are here (although they don't get snow....) 

We also went on a trip to Las Caletas.  We watched the whales on the boat ride over and then the boys had a really fun time at the kids adventure park there.  They both went zip lining, which I wasn't sure if they would like it or decide not to do it, but they were both very brave and did it.    We also got a chance to relase baby sea turtles into the ocean.

It was a really great vacation.  We all came back with a little sun in our skin and more relaxed and enjoyed some quality family time together. 

Until next time. Jenn

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Goofball said...

zip lining at their how courageous!

And baby turtles. Gosh what a great vacation, I'm jealous. I secretly also really love watching kids disco's...the little ones are so cute