Monday, December 05, 2011


On Friday we had to put Torin down.  About a week before he stopped eating and when we took him into the vet we had blood work done and saw that his kidney's had stopped functioning.  As most of you know, you can't function without kidneys so we knew his days were numbered.  He continued to go downhill to the point where he was barely responding to us.  We knew he was suffering with not eating and so we talked to talked to the vet and decided it was best to send him off to kitty heaven.

Torin was a great cat.   He was the super friendly one.  He loved to be outside and would make friends with anyone outside (or inside if they came in).  He was the one who played with the kids and the one you could

 He was also very photogenic.

 And him and Emma were quite good friends.  They would play together all the time.  At first I use to worry about it as Emma is a dog, and bigger, but Torin had the claws and had no problem using them if he needed them.  I think Emma will miss Torin as much as the rest of us.  Just having that presence in the house. 

 Torin also had no problem sleeping right on us.  Or sleeping right in my face

Just over a year ago we said goodbye to Tigger.  She was a great cat and it was really hard to make that decision and the decision with Torin was just as hard.   The house feels empty without him here.  When Tigger died we still had a cat around and there was the cat presence.  Now there is no cat and I can really feel it. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Jenn. Pets really are part of the family. Just know that you guys gave him a wonderful and happy life!

Goofball said...

so sad :(

Lori Campbell said...

I really need to make sure I read your blog on your actual blog because when I read it in my Google Reader, I always forget to pop on over and comment.
Torin was such a cool cat. The two pictures I will always think of when I think of Torin are both from your previous house. The first had Jenn laying on the floor copying Torin's position laying "inside out" on his back and the other was Torin on the deck railing and the angle of the photo made Torin look even more like the regal "king of the house" than he was.

I'll miss you, Torin.