Friday, September 30, 2011

Nathan knows Spanish

Things have been kind of tough around here lately as Lucas is having a hard time adjusting to grade one.  But the good thing is Nathan is just the same and makes us laugh.  Here is our converstation at the dinner table tonight.

Nathan: I know Spanish
Me: Oh yeah, what words do you know in Spanish?
Nathan: Sasanfra
Me: Oh yeah, what does that mean?
Nathan (while looking around at the table): Chair
Me: Really, what about plate do you know that word
Nathan: Yep..... tresipa
Me: Treispa, nice.  What about eat?
Nathan: Yep I know that one too.  (thinking)  Hesires
Me: Wow, you are really good.  Lucas will be speaking french and you can be speaking Spanish
Nathan: Yep, I know. 

All the talk of different languages, Nathan is making up his own (he just calls it Spanish)

Till the monthly round up



Goofball said...

that's cute :). Sorry to hear grade one is tough on Lucas, I hope it gets better for him quickly

Lori Campbell said...

That is SOOOO cute! Nathan wants to be just like his big brother.
Mackenzie had a definite adjustment period in grade one, too. As each week goes by, he'll adjust to the new friends, new format, etc and it will get easier and easier.

I'll be cheering him on from afar!!!